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Near the apartment there is everythingyou need. Apartment in Brodarica are below the highway, about everything for you - grocery store, bakery, post office, pharmacy, church, bus station, tourist board, the port and numerous restaurants and cafes.

Also, 1.5km from the apartment there are 3 malls, Cinestar Movies, McDonalds and many other facilities. The beaches are rocky and sandy, well kept, with the promenade.

BRODARICA - a small town situated along the Adriatic tourist road, bordered by the city of Sibenik hotel complex Solaris on the north, Morin Bay in the south and many islands and islets in the West. It is only 6 km from the nearest urban center. Villagers are mainly engaged
in tourism, fishing, sponge harvesting and agriculture. The town is facing nine islands and islets of the lagoon and the bay which is the Morin hatchery fish. Brackish water bay allows the cultivation of all types of shells. The northern part of the bay is rich in layers of
healthy mud. In the village and on nearby islands are less rocky and sandy beaches. Brodarica and Krapanj have a typical Mediterranean climate. Summer temperature is around 30 C while in winter rarely falls below zero. The most common winter winds are south and wind while the heat "cools" mistral, a wind that blows from the west. With this present climate is Mediterranean vegetation such as pine forests and vegetation. In the wider area of particular interest are the national parks Krka and Kornati. The cultural and historical monuments the most famous is St. James in Sibenik. Hotel resort Solaris (1.5 kmaway) contains a number of sports.

KRAPANJ is the smallest and lowest inhabited island in the famous for traditional harvesting and processing sponges. From the
mainland just 400 meter wide canal, which runs daily ferry from Brodarice.

Walking and bike trails - Mučići
Pegasus Riding Club - Mučići
Souvenir shop Žitak - the island Krapanj
Walking trails around the island Krapanj
Ethno museum Krapanj
Pharmacy Brodarica
Dry cleaning and laundry Baraka
Taxi car
Oil produces Brodarica
Tire shop A-je-to Brodarica
Laundry service car and Niko Brodarica
Motorcycle Shop
Hairdresser: Tina, Anna and Family
Pensions: Zlatna Ribica and Lipa Dalmacija
Shops: Djelo, Konzum, Opskrba, Studenac and Sonik
Agricultural trade Kalabrić
Brodoservis Tanfara
Shop Building Materials Network
Travel agency Tudić:
- Excursions
- Rent a boat
- Rent a scooter
- Rent a bike
- Exchange
*    Jadran
*    Zlatna Ribica
*    Šototajer
*    Oceanic
*    Dalmare
*    Karatel
*    Napuliun
*    Kapelica (island Krapanj)
*    Ronilac (island Krapanj)
*    Vito (island Krapanj)
*    Dalmata (island Krapanj)
*    Oli
*    Barba
*    Delfin
*    Cipollina
Caffe bar:
*    Amadeus
*    Sunce
*    Optimus
*    Time out
*    Art
*    Fjaka
*    Big blue
*    Gaj
*    Vagabundo
*    Loža (island Krapanj)
*    Porat (island Krapanj)


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Apartments Brodarica Gaj

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Obala Gaj 52, 22010 Šibenik Brodarica
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